[orange]What is Parkour?[/orange]

  • Parkour is about being able to face the obstacles with which you are presented, whether they be in the natural environment or in the urban environment, in a search for movement that combines effectiveness and control. Disciplined, intelligent training is necessary as the aim is to be able to sustain the strength and abilities throughout life.
  • Parkour is NOT a competition. It is NOT about being flashy, extreme, or rebellious. It is NOT about doing tricks or flips.
  • Parkour has no regulatory federation, nor official clubs, nor competitions. It’s not about standardisation; just the desire to practice the parkour, without formal rules but with a sporit of honesty and humility — and much work on self-improvement.

[orange]What we offer![/orange]

Victory welcomes traceurs of all ages/abilities to train and practice at our facility. Specifically, our program offers:

Beginning Parkour
Intermediate Parkour
All Ages Parkour

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You can also call 858-650-3547 or sign up at front desk!

[orange]Parkour Clinics[/orange]

Throughout the year, Victory Gymnastics plays hosts to many parkour clinics. Our clinics are typically 1.5 – 3 hours of intense focused practice and training on specific aspects of Parkour: Wall Runs, Kongs, Flipping, Bar Work, and Conditioning. Learn the concepts, practice the drills, throw the tricks.

Check our parent portal or keep an eye on our Facebook page for clinic announcements.

[orange]San Diego’s Parkour community[/orange]

Victory Gymnastics and our Miramar location, SD UNITED, take a strong leadership role in the parkour community of San Diego. Those interested in getting more deeply involved should check out these other resources:
Chula Vista Parkour
Temecula Parkour

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