[orange]The Basics about Tumbling[/orange]

  • Whether you want to learn a back handspring, aerial, or double full our facility and coaches can teach you in a safe progression based program.  Classes range from 6 years old and up!
[orange]Tumbling Philosophy:[/orange]
  • SD UNITED prides itself on an progressive, safe, and conditioning intensive tumbling program. Our tumbling curriculum is durived from USA Gymnastics progressions. Our goal is for our athletes to be strong and safe tumblers. There is so much to learn, this requires our curriculum to be strength heavy and highly technical so we can take our students as far as they possibly want to go in their tumbling careers.
[orange]What we offer:[/orange]

  • Beginning
  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate/Advanced
  • Advanced

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You can also call 858-650-3547 or sign up at front desk!

All new students will be evaluated in order to ensure correct placement. Advancement is at coaches discretion based off specific skill requirements.

Note: Classes utilize our spring floor, tumbling tramp, AirTracks, and foam pit to teach fun safe tumbling.

[orange]Image Gallery[/orange]
Back Handspring Clinic - 011213 Back Handspring Clinic - 011213
Back Handspring Clinic - 011213 Back Handspring Clinic - 011213

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